The Power Of Youtube For Online Marketing

Add Youtube To Your Marketing Plan

Add Youtube To Your Marketing Plan

Youtube is one of the most visited websites on the internet. It’s also a search engine. I suggest you put your business on it. Although this idea of using Youtube to increase your online presence is an obvious no brainer, it’s not always easy to get videos produced. If you have someone on board who can video edit, you should consider allocating some time for them to produce videos. Otherwise you can find decent videographers in your area who are relatively inexpensive (see Here are the reason’s why you should go the Youtube route:

1. Youtube Is The Number 3 Most Popular Site On The Internet.

People spend a lot of time on Youtube. People mostly use Youtube for entertainment, but the way Youtube is designed, people will eventually run into your videos. Thanks to Youtube’s related video panel, chances are people will see your video as a possible compliment to the video they have just finished watching. Just be sure to title your video in a seductive manner.

2. Youtube Results Show Up On The Front Page Of Google.

Why not help your search engine presence with some video results as well. In the ongoing battle for search dominance, Youtube video placement is part of the two pronged attack of getting on the first page of Google. If you don’t get your videos on Google, your competitors will.

3. Video Is A Powerful Communication And Marketing Tool.

Video is attention grabbing. It quickly relays your message to your viewers. The best part is your viewers don’t have to read! In contrast to your website, chances are most of your visitors simply skim over your website textual content. They never read every word (bloggers, this section is meant for more commerce clientele). This doesn’t mean your site should not have many words, it’s just the words are really their to serve the search engine bots. With that said, write for the search engines and produce videos for the humans.

The beauty of video is that it communicates in three synergistic ways that website text alone can’t compete with: sound, images and text. Video is by far the most effective form of communication (read Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud) .

4. Ranking Well In Youtube Is Relatively Easy.

Since Youtube is only a few years old, ranking in Youtube is sort of easy right now. Make sure you title your videos with your favorite keywords and add some useful tags. And take advantage of it now! The web so far has treated early comers better than the stragglers. So when something new hits the web, get on it quickly.

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