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One of our most recent successes was getting 411posters.com launched and blazing with traffic. Within a few months of launching their site, they became the premier destination on the web for the latest information on rare poster and art prints.

411 posters

When I first consulted with Sean Work at O.C. Search Consulting back in August 2011, all I had was an idea.  Within that hour, Sean helped me brainstorm and develop this idea of running my own web-blog into a vision.  And by the week’s end, this vision became a reality for me.

My name is Jeff S. and I run an online web-blog 411posters.com.  It is an up-to-date website featuring poster and print releases by a multitude of artists around the world.  Having no prior experience in owning and running my own website, let alone even going through the complicated steps of registering and starting up the website, Sean assisted me with each stage from registration, start up, to the basics of internet web design, and all the way to key techniques in maximizing web search hits.  Sean is well versed in knowledgeable in all aspects of websearch mechanics and is professional and always prompt in gettting back to me during those rough ‘training wheels’ days of my website.  As as result, and with some determination and hard work, I have seen my webhits grow dramatically since my websites inception where as of a 1 month period between Jan-Feb 2012, according to Google Analytics, my website has had 25,589 Visits, 12,482 Unique Visitors, and 45,308 Pageviews.  And it’s still growing with new highs attained each week.  All this is achieved using very basic, yet key search maximizing techniques that Sean taught me.

Owning and running a successful website is hardwork, and the payoff is largely personal achievement based.  Sean understands this and has been key in helping me realize my website into one with a future by maximsing its potential early on in its growth stage.  Thank you Sean Work!

-Jeff S.