About Us

Why O.C. Search is Different

That is exactly what we will ask you about your business the first time we meet. Our number one priority is to understand what your business does differently from your competitors. We find out what sets you apart from your competition and then tailor an internet marketing campaign that showcases your business’s strengths.

Once we understand your business’s unique strengths, we use a comprehensive approach that combines SEO, PPC, and social media marketing to drive results.

How We Do SEO Differently

You’ll know right away when you run into a bad SEO company because the only thing they talk about is how many links they’ll get you.

If getting top Google rankings were all about links, anyone could do it. But Google wants their users to find the best results relevant to what they’re searching for. Make your website useful and Google will reward you.

There is a far more elegant SEO solution than massive link building. And it all stems from one rule: websites that provide the best value to their visitors deserve to be at the top of the search engine results pages.

And that’s what we do at O.C. Search. We craft a comprehensive internet marketing campaign to help your business climb the search engine rankings and receive the traffic you deserve.

Our Joy: Helping Businesses Succeed

Nothing makes our day more than helping a business that we believe in, perform well on the search engines and on the internet. You heard right: we only do business with businesses that we believe in and that share the same ethical behavior that we feel is extremely important in this world.

And with that said, let’s introduce the team:

Hi, I’m Sean Work.

I’m the president of O.C. Search Consulting. I have been involved in internet marketing since 1999. I started by running my own ecommerce website.

I have a background as both an entrepreneur and a rocket scientist. I worked at Boeing in the early 2000s as a structural engineer. I was responsible for putting portions of the International Space Station truss in orbit.


  • SEO manager of Advantage Consulting Services under Neil Patel.
  • Helped put the Space Station S0 Truss in orbit.
  • Managed the OBSS Boom for the Space Shuttle so we could get it flying again.
  • Had phenomenal success running an email campaign for this company.