Why You Should Get Your Website Listed In Business.com and Save $50.

Business.com is a good website link

Business.com Is A Good Link :)

Business.com is one of the few, “search engine respected” paid directories on the internet. Part of the reason is because it’s editorially controlled and they don’t list websites that are related to tobacco, adult or Rx subject matter. Notice that you don’t want your website links to be associated on the same site as these bad boys.

To get listed in the Business.com directory, simply do the following:

1. Go to http://www.business.com/info/advertise

2. Click on “List Your Company”.

3. Create your ad.

4. Use the promo code “sl50″, to save $50 a year off the inclusion price. (It’s normally $299/year).

Not only is the link from Business.com valuable (in terms of SEO benefit), you will also receive direct traffic from your listing. For certain businesses this ad buy is a no brainer, if you get one customer from this listing, it’s already worth it.

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