I’m over at KISSmetrics now

Hi everybody! I’m still around but I’ve put my search engine consulting business on simmer to take a position at KISSmetrics.

Kissmetrics.com is a unique web analytics company that focuses on making other companies more data driven. What does that mean?

Good Data Let’s You Make The Best Decisions

All online companies have is access to very good data. The problem is that common web analytics solutions are lacking ways to process that data into something meaningful. They actually leave a lot of important “stuff” out.

One thing that KISSmetrics does differently is track people and not just pageviews. What you want to know about your website traffic is more about who they are, than some arbitrary quantification of flux. Knowing more about who your visitors are, allows you to make better decisions moving forward. It’s time to start thinking about your analytics in terms of useful feedback, instead of just vanity metrics. Here are some cool things you can do with KISSmetrics:

  • Track a user’s conversion progress over multiple sessions.
  • Webpage A/B testing.
  • Calculate the lifetime value of a user.

Who is KISSmetrics For?

KISSmetrics is not really for small brick and mortar businesses. It’s more for online businesses. It’s really helpful for online businesses that sell a product or service. For example, if your online business sells various subscriptions packages, KISSmetrics is something you would want to use to improve your subscriptions sign ups. In a nutshell: KISSmetrics was designed to increase your online business’s revenue.

A Little About KISSinsights

Learn what Google Analytics can’t tell you..

KISSinsights.com is another tool that was built by KISSmetrics. This tools is awesome! On the surface it just seems like another feedback tool. Let me run down the amazing features of this tool:

The Basics

  • Collect feedback from your website visitors.
  • Conduct multiple choice surveys on your website.

The Secrets:

  • Run a net promoter score survey on your website.
  • Collect open ended free form text responses.
  • Install the Javascript code once, and never touch it again.
  • Update, change survey styles from the KISSinsights dashboard without having to update code.

So to illustrate how cool this tool is, let’s say you run a multiple choice survey on your site for a week. At the end of the week you received enough data to make you satisfied to move forward. Now you want to simply run a feedback form that says “Is there something you’re looking for today?”. All you have to do is: login into your KISSinsights account and change your multiple choice survey into a simple question feedback form. You can even run both at the same time, or on different pages! This feedback/survey tool is highly flexible, customizable and really lightweight. I suggest you use it, and spend a lot of time with it. You’ll be amazed at what you learn from the responses you receive.

“People are literally telling me what I need to do to get them to pay me money.” – @allanbranch of lesseverything on KISSinsights

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