How To Add Your Business To Google Maps – The Right Way

Learn how to get your business on Google Maps.

If you are running a business that has a physical address, adding your business to Google Maps (Places) is IMPERATIVE. However, there is more to Google Maps than just adding your listing.

1. Don’t Spam

I know a lot of business owners who want to try to add their listing to multiple addresses all over town. DON’T DO THIS. You are not going to trick Google. In the end, you’ll get your business from never showing up on the map again! Besides, why would you want to upset potential customers with sending them to the wrong location? That’s just bad for business.

It’s worth so much more to play by the rules. Having your listing show up is far more valuable then never having it show up. We’ll show you why right now:

2. Have O.C. Search Complete Your Google Places and Business Directory Submissions

Why? Because we have helped many local businesses gain a far more valuable return because we know how to do it correctly. There is quite a lengthy process to doing the Google Map submission that goes beyond Google Places. There is also an order by which one should add their business to the correct directories. We specialize in this process and it will pay for itself many times over.

If your business is already showing up at position “A” on Google Maps for the city your business is in, then that’s excellent. You should contact us to make sure you stay there. 🙂 We will also make sure you are getting to most out of your listing and improve the authenticity of your submission. Finally, we can drive even more traffic from your business listing submissions.

If your business is not on Google Maps, call us right now.

Here is a quick calculation of the ROI created by a top Google Map listing:

One of our customers now gets 15 new clients a month and 45% of those clients come from their Google Map listing. Therefore they get 6 new customers a month from Google Maps. This is provides an additional $25,000 of revenue a year for this particular local business.

Honestly, we hate sounding pitchy. If you read any of our other posts, we don’t try to get customers to call us. But we really believe that this service we provide for small local businesses is a “no brainer”. Give us a call and let’s get some business stirred up today. (714) 725-8101

You can get the process started right away by purchasing our Business Listing Service through Paypal right now:

This post has been updated. This is what we wrote last year:

This is a very important and often overlooked SEO technique for small businesses. It didn’t really occur to me how important this submission was until my friend who is a dentist asked me how he could get his practice to show up on Google Maps. After doing a little searching I found the submission link for this service:

By adding your business website to this service, your business will show up on Google Maps. In the case of my friend, anyone who searches for endodontist in the San Fernando Valley, will now see his practice show up on Google Maps.

Think about the iphone. I believe the most powerful app on the whole phone is the Google Maps application. If you search for a Thai restaurant, the Google Maps application will show you all the Thai restaurants it knows about in your current location. It will display their website address and their phone number. All an iphone user has to do is tap on the phone number once to call a business. Many times I have tapped on the phone number to see if a certain business was open. With that said, your presence on future mobile platforms will be crucial to your business.

Adding your business to Google Maps is a must. I suggest you do it now!

3 responses to “How To Add Your Business To Google Maps – The Right Way”

  1. Sean Duran says:

    Really good advice. Many restaurant/business owners don’t think about this, but it should be a no-brainer. It’s actually kinda annoying when I look something up and they aren’t listed.

  2. Kurosh says:

    This was very helpful. Everything you said in your post is valid and helpful. I would add one additional thing.
    After I submitted my business to google, I noticed that my business did not show up for a few months. Google called my office to verify the information (automated call) and the phone call ended with google saying that my listing would now show up. However it never did.
    What I found out was that google actually mails you a code to the mailing address listed, and you need to use that code to validate the listing before it shows up.
    Hope this is helpful to people.

  3. admin says:

    Thanks for the info! I think we might need to update our post with this information. It makes sense too. Otherwise your competitors could easily wipe out your business info with a fake address and their phone number!

3 Comments on How To Add Your Business To Google Maps – The Right Way