How To Add Your Website To Google

The First Step To Getting Exposed

The First Step To Getting Exposed

This is step one to getting your site noticed. Google is the most popular search engine on the internet (as of 2009) and this is best place to start your online journey. From past experience we have noticed that you will get about 80% of your search traffic from Google, 15% from Yahoo and about 5% from MSN (Microsoft).

To add your website to, simply go to this link below:

You will see a box called “URL:”. Add your website address in that box. Include the “http://” and the “.com” (or “.net”, “.biz” or whatever your website’s extension is). Then try to figure out those strange looking character below that by typing your answer in the box below and click “Add URL”. Viola, you’re done!

It may take a few weeks for Google to crawl your site and display what it finds on In the mean time try to get your friend’s and business associates to post links to your site from their sites.

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  1. gadis says:

    don’t forget add sitemap

  2. admin says:

    Yes. You definitely want to add a Google XML site map. We will soon have a post on how to do exactly that!

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