Do Not Use Directory Submission Services

Do Not Use Directory Submission Services

Stay Away!!!

These services are attractive to the backlink fiend. Why not get 1000 backlinks for $99? The reason is quite simple: you will gain absolutely no value from these links. In this post we will discuss the four reasons why you want to stay away from these services at all costs.

1. Steroids Get Websites In Trouble Too

The first problem with using a directory submission service is that you will be getting about 700 links within a month. This type of link growth will look very unnatural to the search engines and can cause your site to get flagged or penalized. If you read our last post, you will learn that unnatural link growth is an important thing to keep in mind when link building.

2. Low Page Rank Just Brings You Down

99% of the directories that your website will get submitted to will have very low page rank. Probably more than 50% of them will have a page rank of zero. As of recently, this is one of the biggest ways to devalue a site – by getting lots of backlinks from low page rank, irrelevant websites.

3. Steer Away From The Bermuda Link Triangle

A lot of these directories practice triangular linking. This is where multiple sites all link to each other. This use to be a simple way to build backlinks by simply adding more sites to your arsenal. The search engines caught on to this years ago.

4. Links Farms Are Usually Slaughter Houses

You’ll notice that the types of directories these services submit to are nothing but pages and pages of links. These type of sites are called “link farms”. You never want your website associated with link farms. About four years ago link farms were SEO spamming techniques that were quickly penalized by major search engines.


A simple word of advice for anyone getting into SEO: the easy way out usually doesn’t work. Tempting SEO offers will be solicited to you here and there, and if you just use common sense you’ll realize that a lot of these offers are too good to be true.


7 responses to “Do Not Use Directory Submission Services”

  1. Whats you aim in getting listed in all these directories. If its to get higher in the search engines…believe me, that is very unlikely to work….the search engines are much more sophisticated these days.

  2. i am tried many companies directory submission services, i am not satisfied with this service.. anyone can recommend good directory submission service company?i need to submit at least 5000 directories .need reports?

  3. admin says:

    Well if you read this post, we don’t recommend doing this. It’s best to submit to the top search engines and some of the top trusted directories. We will do a post soon of some of these top directories to submit to.

  4. Well, do not agree this. I have submited more than 1000 sites to directories and I know the impact of the directory submission. 3 years ago, you could get nr.1 from few millions by submiting your site to 1000 directories. Now it’s not possible anymore, but you don’t get penalized by Google. First of all I submit my sites to up to 2000 directories, but none of them requires you a backlink or a link to other site. So, none of them practice triangular linking. Also, each web directory has its own moderator, and you won’t have your site accepted in 700 directories simultaneusly. Anyway, who’s submiting his site to all the directories? I submit to only 200 directories per week. Finnaly, Google do not penalize your site for many low pr links. It is 100% natural to have more low pr links than high pr links. best regars

  5. admin says:

    It’s interesting, after I wrote this post I attended both Search Engine Strategies San Jose and the SEOMOZ Seattle event. I don’t remember which conference it was, but a panel of the top SEOs were discussing this topic of directory submission services. They seem to agree that sites will not get penalized for using these services, but it may be a matter of time before the search engines decide to crack down on it.

    I personally tested these services on a couple sites, and there was absolutely no benefit from using them.

    It’s important not to confuse this with the submitting your website to highly regarded directories (like Yahoo, Best of The Web and some of the top free directories).

  6. Ryan Norris says:

    I got the same results with my test. I handpick the directories I submit to and it seems to work for low competition terms. It’s a bit tedious but I now got a database of quality directories (or at least I think they are) and I can just choose one whenever I need a boost.

  7. Sikat Pinoy says:

    The most hardest link to get is the most fruitful one. So I might say that, I agree with your thoughts in here.

    But, still, there are few good directories. (DMOZ, BOTW etc.)

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