Please Die Internet Explorer – Will someone make this a T-shirt?

Please Die IE

Please Die

I’ve been doing a lot of web design lately and Internet Explorer has been giving me more trouble like never before. I mean, I’ve been doing web design since 1999 and I’ve never liked that browser. But lately, IE will just not behave. And it never has, but I’m finding myself spending more time than ever trying to figure out why it’s making weird gaps and doing all kinds of strange things…

I was walking to get coffee this morning and this t-shirt idea hit me like a ton of bricks. Please D-IE. Please DIE IE. Please DIE INTERNET EXPLORER! Yeah seriously – who needs you? This stupid browser has been giving web designers hell for over ten years now! Ever look at source code that says “IF IE use this style sheet”? I mean, c’mon, why does IE have to make it extra hard for us? Can’t we all abide by one set of standards!

The only reason why we have to fix these IE “bugs” is because all our clients who are not coders, web geeks, or internet business professionals use IE. They use it because it came installed on their computer. They don’t even know what FireFox is. They don’t know Google has a browser. I always find myself muttering: “Why are you using this!?”

Remember when IE was a security hole for PCs? That should of been the last straw. Thanks. Thanks for giving us a browser that is tied to your crappy operating system that causes a security hole for the entire machine!

I think the only time I used IE exclusively was during that weird gap when Netscape had died, and Mozilla wasn’t fully developed yet. I think it was around 2002. That was the period where there was only one choice for an internet browser. I used IE for about a year back then. But as soon as Mozilla got stable I was on it like flies on you know what. Thank God!

What about that stupid “Active-X” warning that use to always pop up every time you went to a website? What the hell was that for? It’s like you have to click all these extra buttons to turn sh*t off and on just to browse the internet. Their slogan should of been “Just like learning how to surf in the ocean, surfing with IE is going to be reeeeeally difficult.”

But it’s still around. No one chooses to use it. It’s just there on every new fricken computer that comes out. Sitting there in that bottom menu bar, waiting to cause more pain…

Anyway, I need to get back to check a website out in IE 6, IE 7 and IE 8. Great…..

Oh yeah, back to the T-Shirt. Someone please make it. I’ll buy it off you. I’ll be your first customer 🙂

please die IE

10 responses to “Please Die Internet Explorer – Will someone make this a T-shirt?”

  1. Carlos Saenz says:

    Yea, yea!!!
    Internet Explorer (IE) has realistically caused over a billion man hours of wasted web programming development time. The actual number of hours is impossible to know, but I can take my own experience and multiply it by every other developer. I know that programmers in general spend much more time debugging code than writing new code. Personally I have had projects that required more hours debugging only for IE problems than the entire time spent debugging in general. IE is the bane of the internet.

  2. John Dang says:

    Haha…I hate internet explorer. If I only got a dollar every time IE froze on me. I want one of these shirts.

  3. John Dang says:

    Every time I do any webdevelopment, I can always bank on IE 6, 7, or 8 to screw it up.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Tenacious Tees!!!!

  5. Derek Cladek says:

    Haha! I’d buy it.. but Firefox isn’t any better! What browser out there is near perfect? I can’t find one

  6. admin says:

    I really liked Opera for a while, but I can’t live without my Firefox plugins 🙂

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