Businesses We Recommend

Allendale Insurance

Most insurance outfits have nothing spectacular to talk about. The usually pitch the same old boring rhetoric: “We have great service and great rates”. The service at Allendale IS phenomenal. They are extremely quick and personal. In addition to that, they offer you a $20 gift card just for getting a quote!

Chazz Weaver

Chazz Weaver is an amazing personal trainer and health specialist. Watch his awesome documentary of how he debunked the Super Size Me myth.

Karen’s Custom Frames

Karen is a professional! She frames fine art, photographs and more. Forget Michaels and Aaron Brother. Go to someone who knows what they are doing!

Nakamura Acupuncture

Hiro Nakamura, works miracles. Don’t believe me – read his reviews on Yelp!

O.C. Medicare

Debbie is the expert at medicare issues and health insurance for senior citizens. Visit her site today.

Orange Coast Design

This Orange County based web design firm that is perfect for small to medium sized businesses.

If you are a realtor, doctor or nurse, and your professional license is in jeaopardy (by the Department of Real Estate, medical board etc.), go to this website asap.


This amazing tampon alternative is taking the world by storm. This is the premier feminine product used by professional and Olympic female athletes and women in the armed forces.