Many websites we come across don’t have the most basic of website optimization done to them.

What are the benefits of website optimization?

When you optimize your website, you get:

  1. Free website traffic and free business a long as your website is up and running.
  2. If you tell people in person about your business, they can more easily find your business later on.
  3. Optimization has a compounding ROI over time. The sooner it’s done, the larger the cumulative value over time increases.

In many cases, we can properly optimize a website within 24 hours.

The purpose of simple website optimization is for:

  1. To simply show up in Google searches.
  2. To ensure that all products and services are correctly understood by Google.
  3. To generate relevant business leads and inquiries.

What is website optimization?

Many moons ago, people who began building websites noticed that their websites were not showing up in the search engines. It turns out that search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can only “index” certain types of websites. More importantly, there is a methodology to crafting a website, that yields higher visits from search engine users.

Ideally, website optimization should be done before a website is built. That way the website will hit the ground running with in the best positioning possible. However, any website can be optimized at any point during the lifespan of its existence.

The way we optimize a website is:

  • Identify your business goals 1st. This makes sure we are setting up your site to target the right kinds of visitors.
  • Check and/or modify your site architecture to make sure you’re not committing keyword cannibalization. This ensures that Google doesn’t get “confused” by similar content throughout various locations of your website.
  • Optimize your titles, meta descriptions and other important elements throughout your website.
  • Check to make sure Google doesn’t have any issues with your site using Google Webmaster Tools.

We differ from many other outfits because they primarily focus on link building as their website optimization process. This can be dangerous and sometimes can get a website banned from the search engines.

We believe we have a much more effective and higher level approach to website optimization. That is: get the site structurally optimized first, then create a content marketing strategy that naturally builds links. That way, as the years change and the effect of links fluctuates – at least our client’s website will be properly optimized in terms of structure (which can ONLY help). Whether or not links matter as much will be of less importance. At least no spammy, dangerous links will be built up (which can be damaging down the line) and only organic links and REAL customers will be “in tune” to the website. And that’s what search engines like Google want you to focus on…

How much does it cost? Is it a monthly fee?

Website optimization shouldn’t never be a monthly fee. There are services related to SEO that are usually monthly fees like link building and blogging. But you can engage in the activities on your own.

Our optimization service is an one time fee and depends on how large your current website is. We break down the cost to an hourly basis depending on how many webpages your site has. Sites that tend to have more webpage usually do better in the search engines (simply because there is more content the search engines can refer people to).

Our service is very affordable.

The bottom line is we do well here at O.C. Search Consulting. There is no need to gouge our customers for our service like other outfits do. Please give us a call we are more than happy to help you and your business!

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