Reputation Management

The ironic thing about dealing with search engines like Google is – sometimes you don’t want to show up! It almost seems like Google is better at surfacing content that you don’t want to rank for – then the content you’re trying so hard to rank #1.

If something is showing up on Google that you don’t want – let us know.

We offer a very affordable reputation management service, where we can push the unwanted content on to other pages. In some cases we might be able to have the content removed all together.

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What is Reputation Management?

There are two facets to the reputation management world:

  1. It’s a service where we try to “hide” content that shows up on the first page of search engines like Google.
  2. Creating a social media strategy that is in your best interest. We will come up with a plan to structure your Facebook and other social media accounts so that content of your personal life doesn’t show up at the wrong times.

This is important for:

  • When you’re trying to apply for jobs.
  • When you’re trying to build a positive personal brand.
  • When unfavorable remarks have been made regarding you or your brand.

What kind of clients do you take?

We have had a wide array of clients. We have dealt with people who have been associated with certain political movements, to restaurants, and people applying for certain high profile positions.

Whatever your situation may be, give us a call. We’re more than happy to talk about your situation and try to see if we can help you or not.